They ask for more buttocks and cheekbones: plastic surgeons – about the most desirable operations among women and anti-plastic surgery.

They ask for more buttocks and cheekbones: plastic surgeons – about the most desirable operations among women and anti-plastic surgery.

Show us at least one woman who would be 100 percent satisfied with her external data? The task seems almost impossible. A true lady will find something to find fault with, the shape of the knees, for example, and perhaps she is not satisfied with the umbilical ring. Every year, new methods of correcting appearance appear in the field of beauty – plastic surgeons told which operations are popular with women, and which are slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past.

Alena Davudova, a candidate of medical sciences and a plastic surgeon, says that mammoplasty remains the most popular operation among women – prosthetics of mammary glands with implants; mastopexy – breast reduction is not inferior in popularity, both operations cost about rubles on average. There is also a request for abdominoplasty (- rubles) – correction of the abdomen and rhinoplasty (from rubles to rubles).

– It seems to me that a request can be attributed directly to a very new trend or a rare request, when a woman says: “Make my breasts a little sagging, like natural, and not tightly inflated,” and shows a picture from the Internet. Less and less often they ask for large breasts. As a woman, I am a plastic surgeon for maximum naturalness, even if the patient asks for any size. I appreciate the technique, as a result of which the gradient of the areola pigmentation contour is preserved. Plastic surgery pays a lot of attention to the fact that the access (scars) are hidden and invisible, of excellent quality, smooth to the touch, says Alena Davudova.

The doctor also notes that the number of gluteoplasty (rubles) has become more frequent – correction of the shape of the buttocks, or rather, their increase. Orthognathic surgery is gaining popularity (about rubles), that is, harmonization of the profile: correct bite, correct size of the upper and lower jaw, in order to obtain a beautiful and expressive lower part of the face, cervico-chin angle. There are also techniques for making the most natural umbilical ring during abdominoplasty with navel transposition (from rubles).

“In plastic surgery, everyone is for a high-quality imitation of nature, as well as in materials for the interior,” the doctor jokes.

Alena refers to the new trends as a request to increase the position of the tail of the eyebrow (browlifting – rubles) or raising the outer corner of the eye slightly upward, the so-called fox eyes – from rubles.

– Of the frankly outgoing trends, only cosmetic procedures come to mind – an excessive increase in lips, cheekbones, chins with a hyaluronic acid filler, threads under the skin, as an ineffective procedure not related to plastic surgery. At the moment, the trend is towards minimalistic, modest, natural looks. Already no one boasts of wealth, overly active outfits, make-ups. It’s the same in plastic surgery. The basic elements do not go out of fashion: health, naturalness, hidden intellectual sexuality. There is a tendency that the patients do not hide the fact of plastic surgery, and, perhaps, are even proud of it, actively agree to photographing and filming. Of course, the era of Instagram, TikTok also contributes to this. The plastic surgeon is very pleased – the patient liked the result of his work and he wants to show it, – says Alena Davudova.

Correction of appearance costs a lot of money.

Photo: Philip Sapegin / City Portal Network.

Doctors include liposculpture (from – rubles) to the novelties of plastic surgery. The essence of this method is that fatty tissue, which was taken out of the fat traps in the abdomen, back and arms, is reused to correct other areas: the mammary glands are enlarged, the dimples on the buttocks are filled, and used instead of fillers to fight wrinkles on the face. It should be noted that this method is effective and safe, and the results of such an operation are really durable. It turns out that we are modeling a new body, but for this we do not use synthetic drugs and foreign objects to which the body will have to adapt (and this does not always go smoothly).

The SMAS lifting procedure is gaining popularity, bloggers talk about it and write in fashion magazines. However, plastic surgeon Oleg Novoselov notes that the noise around the procedure is just an advertisement, and the technique itself has existed for a very long time.

How is SMAS different from a regular facelift? During this operation, not only areas of loose skin are excised, but also muscles are sutured, stretching of which is the main cause of aging. As a result, the patient “loses” about 15 years and then ages naturally, not as rapidly as with a conventional facelift.

SMAS is a layer of connective tissue and muscle located in the superficial layer of the skin. It is this layer, being in good condition, that supports the frame and a clear oval of the face. When the oval of the face floats, we understand that the frame has weakened.

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